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Children enjoying a birthday cake at a party.

Make memories that last with a birthday party on wheels!


Everyone has a birthday once a year whether they like it or not. A birthday party at a roller rink is a unique idea that will last a lifetime. Whether someone is 6 or 60, you can bet that a birthday party on wheels will mark a special year and here’s why:

  1. Roller skating rinks are uniquely set up to provide a great birthday party experience. A large part of a party atmosphere is already built into the experience. Roller rinks like Rollarama Skating Center have all the components to make parties great whether it’s the music, lighting, interactive staff like the DJ and people that are there to have fun roller skating. Where better to have a party for your child, spouse or friend than a place that parties all the time!
  2. Affordable party packages that provide everything you need to have a great party. Rollarama has birthday party packages for all budgets! Compared to what it costs to buy everything separately at a party store would cost more. The party packages at Rollarama include decorated tables and paper goods, food and drink and game tokens.
  3. Entertainment is built into a roller skating birthday party. No need to think about how to keep your guests busy at Rollarama, they will be constantly entertained with great music to skate to, DJ’s that take requests and interact with guests. The quote “Roller skating is fun you can feel” is never as true as when you are at a birthday party on skates.
  4. People love to attend roller skating parties. No worries about getting R.S.V.P.’s to your invitations. Everyone loves roller skating!
  5. You can easily add a theme to your party as if roller skating wasn’t a theme already. Make it a 80’s theme, disco or 90’s and watch your guests have a blast dressing up for the occasion! The roller rink is perfect to have a great time dressing up for all ages.
  6. If you aren’t sure if a roller skating birthday party is for you or your child, visit Rollarama on a Saturday afternoon and watch the smiles that roll for miles. Our online booking system makes reserving your party a breeze and we hope to see you and your family rolling in soon.