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Home School Skate

Home School Skate is back at Rollarama! Bring the kids and enjoy social roller skating fun with other home school families once a month at Rollarama Skating Center. Our Friday monthly get together are so much fun from 1-3pm. Admission is $6 and Skate Rental is $4.

Roller skating burns up to 600 calories per hour while skating and you use almost 80% of your bodies muscles just standing still on roller skates. The reason is balance. You are constantly balancing yourself while you have roller skates on. Long known as the Original Social Network, roller skating allows you to safely distance and listen to your favorite skating music. Making friends is easy because you are all there to roller skate and have fun. Roller Skating is endorsed by the Presidents Council on Fitness and the American Heart Association!

Save the date for our monthly Home School Skate at Rollarama Skating Center in Schenectady! If you’d like to learn more about our other skating sessions, check out our schedule here.


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