Jam Class Registration

Please fill out the Jam Skate Class Registration form below. You must register before the class session you wish to attend. This is an adults 21+ only class.

Important Reminder about the Jam Class

Advance Tuesday Tickets

You must purchase ADVANCE tickets for the Tuesday night 21 and older session which begins at 6:30 pm. each Tuesday prior to class.  You must also purchase rental skates if you do not have your own, when you purchase your ticket.  You show the email confirmation either on your phone or print your email out.

Payment is due the first Tuesday of each month for the full month. Cash or check ONLY. If you join a class a class after the 1st Tuesday of the month the fee will be prorated and due the day you join the class. Remember to purchase a Tuesday ticket and have skates.

Liability Waiver

In digitally signing this form at the bottom of this page, the Skater agrees that they have read the liability release information below on this page, and that they agree to enter into this liability release contract unconditionally.


Your present skating coaches / teachers are not employees of Rollarama Skating Center or Mundy Enterprizes when they are coaching. They rent floor time from Rollarama Skating Center and their programs are entirely their responsibility and run by them. In consideration of receiving permission from Rollarama Skating Center to roller skate, take lessons, participate or be a spectator in any event sponsored by Rollarama Skating Center.


1. To ASSUME ALL RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY for any injuries I may sustain and any damages I may cause to Rollarama Skating Center, its employees, or any other person in connection with my activity (including anything in connection with equipment rented or borrowed from Rollarama Skating Center).

2. To RELEASE Rollarama Skating Center, Mundy Enterprizes, and the skating coaches / teachers from ALL CLAIMS OF LIABILITY for any injuries I may sustain or damage that may be caused to me or my property in connection with my activities at Rollarama Skating Center, including training done off the premises with the coaches / teachers.

3. I WILL NOT SUE OR BRING LEGAL ACTION AGAINST Rollarama Skating Center, Mundy Enterprizes, their affiliates or their respective administrators, employees or instructors and owners of lessors of the property.

4. That the undersigned participant is in adequate physical condition to participate in the event(s) at Rollarama Skating Center.

5. I authorize Rollarama Skating Center and its coaches / teachers to use photographs, videotape, or any other record of the events with depict me, at their discretion, without compensation paid to me.

6. I fully understand that Roller Skating is a very dangerous sport and recreational activity. I acknowledge and fully understand that each skater and participant will be engaging in activities that involve the risk of serious injuries, including permanent disability and death and severe social and economic losses which might not only result from their actions, inaction, or negligence but the actions, inaction or negligence of others, the conditions of the premises or any equipment use and /or rental. Further, there may be other risks not known to us or not reasonably foreseeable at this time.

7. I am at least twenty one (21) years of age and have the legal capacity to enter into this waiver and release.

In consideration of Rollarama Skating Center and Mundy Enterprizes granting me permission to roller skate, take lessons, participate, be a spectator, or otherwise use Rollarama Skating Center, and enrolling in skating lessons or team training with the coaches / teachers, I hereby agree on behalf of myself to all the terms and conditions set forth above. I have read and understand this agreement and enter into it freely and voluntarily.



Type your name, this constitutes your signature to the Liability Waiver

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