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Childrens Birthday Party

Party Celebration Package

Party limit is 10 guests including the guest of honor.


Masks must be put back on when eating is complete even if you are still sitting. Eating/drinking is allowed in the SNACK BAR ONLY.

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Important Party Dates to Know!

We currently have 2 party slots open on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. You must book at least 72 hours in advance!!

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Payment in full is due at the time you enter the facility at the cashier window.  This party and the deposit are non refundable unless Rollarama must cancel your party due to unforeseen circumstances. If you must cancel, we will reschedule your party for the date you choose as long as it is available.  No expiration date on the deposit. The minimum charge is $215.00.

Party Information

Due to COVID-19  restrictions we cannot include Party Hosts for your party.  You will be responsible for setting up the table.  Everything you need will be waiting for you in the snack bar. Due to COVID-19 you may not bring in any food except cupcakes. Please do not bring ANY other food or drinks or goodie bags into the facility, you will be asked to take them to your vehicle.

Important Stuff

If you have less than 9 guests you will not be refunded any portion of the minimum charge.  The max number of guests is 9 plus the guest of honor.  You will receive a voucher for your pizza, soda and ice cream.  Please complete the voucher and turn it in at the snack bar with the time you would like your food/drink items delivered to your table.  If you would like to purchase additional snack bar items please order by getting in line at the snack bar.  You will receive vouchers for the Stuff Shop because we are currently not allowed to operate our arcade games.

This information is subject to change at anytime as our Governor changes policies that affect us, please check back often!

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