FUNdraising for Schools and Organizations

This is the year we take fundraising to the next level!

Have a roller skating fundraising party at Rollarama Skating Center and meet your goals while having fun.  Roller skating is a super easy way to get your families involved because everyone loves to skate!

Here’s how it works:

  • Call 518-355-2140 and reserve your date. You have to have a reservation.
  • We print and supply you with flyers for free!
  • Promote your event, put it in your newsletter, use social media
  • The more skaters, the more $$$ your organization makes

If you have:

  • 50-99 Admissions = $125 rebate per admission (max rebate $123.75)
  • 100-149 Admissions = $250 rebate per admission (max rebate $372.50)
  • 150-199 Admissions = $3.75 rebate per admission (max rebate $746.25)
  • 200+ Admissions = $5.00 rebate per admission (max rebate $1250.00)

Rebates are based on an admission price of $5.00 and $4.00 skate rental per person. You must guarantee a minimum of 50 skaters. No rebate will be given for parties of 49 or less skaters. A $100 deposit and signed contract are required. Rebate checks will be mailed within one week.

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