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Ok, now that we have your attention let’s talk about summer. It’s coming despite the brutal weather we’ve had in Schenectady this year and will arrive before you know it! How’s that New Year’s resolution working out for you? Are you sticking to your promises? Didn’t think so, and we have a calories busting way for you to get to your goal for summer! Roller skate…a lot.cute girl inline skating on beach

We see thousands of people every year at Rollarama Skating Center. The total body benefits of roller skating can be seen in the folks that skate more than once a week. Children that skate several times a week slim down, tone up and all while having fun with friends and roller skating to their favorite music. Adults have lost lots of weight and toned up just roller skating as many times a week as they can. Burning up to 650 calories per hour and using 80% of their bodies muscles really shows in those that simply roller skate.

Another rink owner told us about a patron that was really unhealthy, and couldn’t walk around the block let alone roller skate. Getting him into proper fitting skates (really important, especially if you have flat feet or are pronated) and teaching him to roller skate in the classes at the rink gave him a new life. He lost close to 100 pounds, his blood pressure and pre-diabetes faded into a bad memory and he skates 3 times a week without fail. Check our schedule to see all our open hours.

So, when you are thinking about summer and who isn’t after this winter, get to the rink, take a class and watch the magic happen between now and the first time you decide to try on that bathing suit! We bet you will have a smile on your face! Hope to see you rolling into Rollarama Skating Center soon!