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roller skating for a healthy lifestyle

Let’s make a New Years Resolution for 2019! According to a study by Neilson, only 64% of the resolutions we make never last past January. Only 46% last longer than 6 months.

What if there was a resolution you could not only keep but have fun looking forward to? Roller skating can provide people of all ages an enjoyable way to get a healthier lifestyle and have fun doing it!

a healthy life through roller skating graphic
Girl with Roller Skates over her shoulder
Here’s some interesting facts:
  • Roller skating burns up to 650 calories an hour.
  • Roller skating burns calories while standing still!
  • Roller skating uses up to 80% of your bodies muscles.
  • Roller skating is endorsed by the American Heart Association and the Presidents Council on Fitness.
  • Roller skating to your favorite music enhances your mood and releases endorphins leaving you feeling great!
Make this your year to roll into a better you and learn to roller skate! If you already know how to skate, it’s time to get back to Rollarama in Schnectady New York, the best place to roller skate! Our classes will get you rollling in no time!